Locally Raised - Pasture Grazed!

At MiBek Farms- We raise cattle naturally!

  • Michael Worrel and his teamCattle remain on the pasture, we do not use feedlot confinement.
  • We work to maintain a stress free environment for our cattle.
  • No concentrated grains are fed - (When grass is limited, due to drought or seasonal changes, cattle are offered a plant fiber supplement).
  • No growth promoting antibiotics are fed and no hormones are given.
  • Pastured Beef is higher in omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) than corn fed beef.
  • MiBek Beef is Certified SC Grown.
  • dry aging the beefMiBek Beef is dry-aged 17 days for added flavor and tenderness then custom cut and vacuum sealed.
  • The butcher and his staff work on one beef at a time, never mixing the ground beef with another.
  • Special orders are available to chefs, caterers and individuals.