Locally Raised, Pasture Grazed and Dry- Aged

Dry aging beef makes it more flavorful and tender.All of MiBek Beef is dry-aged for 17 days. This old fashioned, natural process begins by hanging the beef in a refrigerated environment that has been cooled between 32 and 34 degrees F. In this environment the humidity and air flow are also controlled to allow moisture to evaporate. This is an important part of the process because evaporation concentrates flavor in the meat.

Our dry-aged, MiBek Beef cuts have a savory and robust beef flavor not found in wet-aged beef. Wet-aged beef is the standard beef found in traditional retail markets. Wet-aging is a less expensive, more cost efficient process where beef cuts age in their juices after being vacuum sealed and shipped.

Tenderness is another result of the dry-aging process. During aging, an outer layer much like the texture of beef jerky forms and seals the exterior. Over time natural enzymes break down the muscle fibers naturally tenderizing the meat. Dry-aging beef is a more expensive process due to the shrinkage that occurs from the loss of moisture and the trimming of the leathery outer layer. For this reason dry-aged beef is most often reserved for fine dining establishments.

We are pleased to offer MiBek Beef to restaurants and families alike.We are pleased to offer MiBek Beef to restaurants and families alike. As you cook MiBek Beef you will discover that it cooks faster than wet-aged beef, and you will have less shrinkage due to the dry-aging process. Chefs have also discovered MiBek’s naturally tender beef requires less time to marinate than recipes suggest. We encourage you to be aware of this when you cook MiBek Beef so that you may enjoy optimum flavor and tenderness without overcooking