Found The Perfect Home After Moving To Texas

My husband and I moved to Texas about a year ago. When we first moved here, we decided to rent an apartment. It was the best choice for us at the time. After living in the apartment for a few months, we decided that we wanted to buy a home. Since we both had decent jobs, we thought it would be the smartest financial choice. This is especially because instead of renting we would be able to pay for something that we were going to eventually own.

I went online and started looking at homes for sale in the city we live in. I found lots of homes that we could look at and I was easily able to tell where they were located by viewing their locations on the map. I showed my husband the homes that I was interested in looking at and there were a few of them that he didn’t really care for but said we could look at them anyways.

I contacted the realtor with one of the listings and let them know I was interested in looking at that home. I figured we could take it one step at a time and see how this home was before making plans to look at several homes. We met with the realtor later that week to check out the home we were interested in. After looking at it, we decided it wasn’t really what we wanted in a home, but asked the realtor if they could show us other homes we were interested in. They said they would be able to do that even if it wasn’t listed with their real estate company. They told us to get the listing number so they could get the information and show us the home.

I went home later that night and emailed the realtor the homes I was interested in looking at. She showed us a several homes and we finally found one that we wanted to buy. It was an easy process and we finally bought the home.

This home was exactly what we wanted and we were so happy to move into it. I am glad we found the home and had such a great realtor to show us all the homes we were interested in seeing. This home is great and we both love everything about it and where it’s located.

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