MiBek Beef -Locally Raised, Pasture Grazed and Dry-Aged!

MiBek Beef for the Grill - Everyone Loves Grilled Meat!

Ground Beef   Ground Beef – available in 1lb. or 2 lb. packs
Hamburgers   MiBek Burgers- 8 quarter-pound patties to a pack.
Flat Iron Steak   Flat Iron Steak- sometimes called the “chuck tenderloin” (limited supply)
Chuck Eye Steak   Similar to the Delmonico in shape and size, but not quite as tender.  A good steak at a good price- historically nicknamed “the poor man’s rib-eye”.
Top Blade Steak   Top Blade Steak - small thin steaks - flavorful and tender
Blufton Blade   Bluffton Blade - a premium top blade steak
Bone In Ribeye   Bone-In Rib Eye - large and thickly cut (limited supply)
Bone In New York Stip Steak   Bone-in NY Strip- sometimes called a Kansas City strip, thickly cut.
Sirloin Steak   Sirloin Steak - a great tender family size steak - grill, slice and serve.
Sirloin Steak   Flavorful and versatile 1/2" steaks for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Grill, broil, or skillet-cook these individually sized steaks (3 to a pack).
London Broil   London Broil - marinate, grill, and slice thinly. Leftovers are great for salads!
Kabobs   Kabobs - marinate and skewer- made from the eye round roast.
Sirloin Tips   Sirloin Tips - ready for the skewer. Made from the sirloin tip roast
Beef Brisket  

Brisket – Texas BBQ favorite. (Also can be made into corned beef.)
Flat Cut- Uniform thickness; leaner than the "point cut."
Point Cut- The thick end of the brisket with generous fat layer. Often preferred over the "flat cut" for smoked BBQ brisket.

Beef Brisket  

Great for convenience and flavor. These individually sized (3-5 oz.) circular steaks are quick and easy for the grill or skillet


MiBek Beef for Braising or the Slow Cooker -
Have Dinner Ready When You Get Home!

Stew Beef   Stew Beef – beef chunks ready to be made into a hearty meal.
Cube Steak   Cube Steak - great for the skillet too!
Shoulder Pot Roast   Shoulder Pot Roast- comfort food for the family. Great for leftovers
Bottom Round Roast   Bottom Round Roast- lean roast, slice thinly. Makes great sandwiches.
Bottom Round Roast   (Bone-in Kosher Cut Style) Braise and enjoy these well marbled meaty morsels!


MiBek Beef for the Oven - Tastes Great & Makes the House Smell Wonderful!

Rolled Shoulder Roast   Rolled Shoulder Roast - hand cut and tied. Brown and braise to cook
Sirloin Tip Roast   Sirloin Tip Roast – makes delicious roast beef, slice thinly.
Eye of Round Roast   Eye of Round Roast- a lean roast, slice thinly
Rump-Roast   Rump Roast- great flavor; season, brown and slow roast.

Other cuts to order - long ribs, shank cross cut, flank steak, skirt steak, liver,
tongue, and heart

Certified South Carolina Grown

MiBek Farms products are "Certified SC Grown"