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Kudos From Our Customers

A note of gratitude and thanks for the effort and skill that goes into your beef.   Yesterday, we had one pack of the filets that I collected last Thursday and they were the best that we have tasted for a very long time indeed (so long that it could well be ever!), and we did get our beef, grass fed, at a farm market in Atlanta for the last decade.
With appreciation
CW, Hilton Head Island, SC


Mike and Becky,

I just wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed your beef.  You are doing a wonderful service to the community by providing a very high quality product at a very reasonable price.  The side we ordered almost four months ago has exceeded our expectations.

Every cut has been tender and very flavorful.  Your processor trims very well and the packaging fits our needs perfectly. 

I have only had prime beef on rare occasions.  Now we are eating it every week. You have made us very happy customers and we will definitely reorder when the time comes.  We are spreading the word that local beef is the best. 
Steve and Mary


Hi there-

We met today at the Farmer's Market in Aiken and my wife and I picked up two of the T- Bones. Just wanted to let you know that they were absolutely -fantastic- and we really look forward to seeing you again.  If not, I'm sure we'll make good use of your order form. After nibbling at the bone of hers my wife asked if I wanted to buy a small freezer so we could just get a half beef next time.


Mike K.

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